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Beyond Announces Worldwide Sales Post MIP07

Beyond Distribution enjoyed another successful market due to the strength of its catalogue and new titles.

Spin Music Ltd in the UK, licensed 12 episodes from the multi award winning series Eyewitness. In France, AB Droits Audiovisuals secured a bumper package of titles which included Free (13 x30 min), Sex Change (2 x 60min) Secrets of the Occult (2 x 60min), Trent’s Wild Cat Adventures (10 x 30min), Is it Safe to Eat! (6 x 30min), Hot Rod Build Off (2 x 60min) and World Biker Build Off (2 x 60min). In Finland, YLE secured Is it Safe to Eat (6x30min) and a package of 8 hours from Series 2 & 3 for Lonely Planet – Six Degrees; whilst in Spain; TV Catalunya licensed Series 1 and 2 of Lonely Planet (16 x 60 min). YLE’s, Acquisition Executive, Katja Solla said’ “We aired one season of Lonely Planet Six Degrees a few years ago. We then got some very positive response from younger viewers. The series is fresh and really well produced. It is a nice mix between travel, city cultures and human encounters”

Mega blockbuster Mythbusters continues to reign with a package totalling 82 hours licensed to TV Kosava in former Yugoslavia. TV Kosava’s Acquisitions Manager, Vladimir Gordic said’ “ Watching Mythbusters and dealing with Beyond are more fun than should be allowed...!”

In the Netherlands, sales were concluded for the Private Lives series, Born to be Big (1 x 60min), Private Lives of Big People II (1 x 60min) and Baby Charlotte (1 x 60min) to SBS The Netherlands BV. Rozan Hamaker, SBS The Netherland’s, Acquisitions Manager said’ “The documentaries we acquire for our channels are of high quality with respect for the people featuring in it. Our audience highly appreciates those two elements. Therefore they fit our profile perfectly.”

The multi award winning feature film Two Hands (90 Min), starring Oscar nominated actor Heath Ledger was snapped up by SPI International and JLJ Film Group in the territories of Czech and Slovak Republic and Commonwealth of independent States (CIS). Michael Susuni, CEO of JLJ Film Group said, “I’m very pleased with our secondquarter performance, in which we made significant progress on our two key objectives for 2007. I am very excited about the tremendous collaboration efforts with Beyond. This is a great partnership that will take us well into the future”.